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Young & Co. Old Nick, 500ml btl. (England)

Tawny with amber highlights. Full body. Wonderfully rich aromas show a bananas and sweet caramel malt that follows through on the palate with rich malt sweetness and a warming bitter hop kick on the finish. A vinous, succulent style.

Grand Teton Brewing “Black Cauldron”, 4 pk 12 oz. (USA)

Super dark and dense being opaque with a thick, mocha head. The nose is fruity with rich scents of chocolate, sweet espresso, roasted nuts, and accents of vanilla. On the palate this dense Stout is lush and chewy while bright with fresh balancing notes of acid and roasted malt notes. Certainly big by design but we were most impressed with it’s balance and drinkability.

Otter Creek Quercus Vitis Humulus, 22 oz. (USA)

Bright, deep copper color with a rocky white head. The nose is wild and complex and while the wine notes come through (it is made with the addition of Sauvignon Blanc juice) the malt and hops take center stage. The palate is much richer than the nose suggests but all in line with the 12% alcohol by volume that the label states. Very malty and fruity with a good deal of alcohol burn that detracts from the overall experience.

Tieton Cider Works “Tieton Blend - Dry”, 750ml (USA)

Bright golden color with a moderate stream of fine bubbles. The nose is fresh and somewhat subtle with vibrant, ripe apple pulp taking the lead with hints of mineral and apple skin. The first sip is bone dry with a framing note of tart apple acidity. Subsequent sips soften showing a subtle ripeness allowing the fruit to blossom. A refreshing note of bitterness can be found throughout with a complex skin tannin note setting the finish. Lovely.

Tieton Cider Works “Wild Washington Apple - Semi-Dry”, 750ml (USA)

Bright golden color with a stream of fine bubbles. The nose is vibrant and fresh ripe apples and notes of apple pie as well incorporating subtle hints of spice. The palate echoes the nose with a juicy core that is drier than expected. In fact, the residual sugar level here would be considered dry by most while it is designated as semi-dry here. The flavors linger for minutes with accents of lime zest and apple skin that give it definition and character.

Uncle John’s Fruit House Winery Apple, 750ml (USA)

Bright, pale golden color. The nose is filled with the scents of ripe and sweet apples with tart accents and hints of apple skin. The palate concurs fully with the nose being more tart than the nose would suggest with soft apple skin tannins. Finishes tart and clean with trailing apple and mineral notes.

Uncle John’s Fruit House Winery Perry, 750ml (USA)

Bright golden color with a light stream of fine bubbles. The nose is fruity, fresh, and vibrant with scents of ripe pear. The palate echoes the nose being crisp while generous with ripe pears. Lovely balance with layers of fruit flavors. A beautiful Perry.

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