Beverage of the Week (B.O.W)


BOW for the Week of: March 23 to March 29, 2010

Van Gogh has boldly become the master of flavors in the Vodka world. We have sampled more than our share of flavored Vodkas and we can say without hesitation that the portfolio from Van Gogh cannot be beat.

Van Gogh is made in relatively small batches at the Royal Dirkzwager Distillery in Schiedam, Holland. Van Gogh’s Master Distiller Tim Vos attributes their success to their unique “double infusion” method and to the fact that they create over two dozen variations of any new flavor before selecting a winner. While the brand is just a decade in age, this distillery has been creating great spirits for well over 100 years. To date, Van Gogh offers 19 flavors with more being formulated and dreamed as we speak.

Vodka for dessert? We asked Van Gogh’s Master Distiller Tim Vos about enjoying their great flavors in their natural state. Vos says, “We are used to drinking our spirits on their own, so the flavor of the product should be recognizable and that’s why we make so much ‘fuss’ in getting the right flavor and taste palette. We are also a fan of digestives (after dinner drinks) like cognac, brandy and all sorts of liqueurs. An interesting aspect on the flavored Vodkas is that they are not as sweet as liqueurs so one can better stand a second glass.”

The Van Gogh Dutch Caramel is one the brand’s latest flavors. It has taken the market by storm setting a new standard for caramel flavored Spirits. The balance of sweetness is perfectly proportioned. Simply beautiful.


Tasting Notes:

Rich amber, caramel color. The nose is luxurious with deep, decadent scents of fresh off the stove caramel with accents of mocha, milk chocolate, and vanilla. The palate is just as rich and silky while being incredibly balanced and not showing a hint of being cloying with sweetness. Wonderfully complex and charming being a perfect dessert in a glass. Bravo! $27.00