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Greenore Single Grain 18 yr old Irish Whiskey (Ireland); 46% abv (Ireland)


Brilliant golden color. The nose is simply beautiful with scents of butterscotch, caramel, nougat, and vanilla with accents of orange peel, honey and sweet toasted grains. The palate is in full agreement adding a healthy dose of spice the mid-palate that is soon swept away by more lush grain and toffee notes with subtle hints of campfire, black pepper, and cardamon. A lovely dram and by far the best Greenore offering to date.

Teeling Blended Irish Whiskey (Ireland); 46% abv (Ireland)


The nose is wonderfully seductive with sweet Irish malt in the forefront, supporting notes of exotic brown baking spices, vanilla, toasted oak, and beautiful Caribbean Rum accents. The palate echoes the nose delivering a complex mélange of grain and spice notes offered on a silky palate. Ideally balanced with charred oak and black pepper supplied in ample doses to act as the perfect foil to the rich and decadent core. This Whiskey is pure ambrosia that will undoubtley appeal to a wide audience from the novice to the aficionado.

Bushmills “1608 - Anniversary Edition” Irish Whiskey (Ireland); 46% abv (Ireland)

Brilliant amber color. At the first nosing you are aware that this is a beauty, a special whiskey worthy of a special anniversary from a top distiller. Complex aromas of barley honey, with sweet caramel malt, toffee, figs, brown butter, and hints of the tropics fill the nose. The palate echoes the mélange of scents delivered on a full-bodied palate that generously provides endless waves of flavor. The finest Bushmills Whiskey that I have ever had.

Bushmills “Black Bush” Irish Whiskey (Ireland); 40% abv (Ireland)

Deep gold to copper color. The nose explodes with scents of dried apricots, prunes, dates, sweet sherry, roasted nuts, almond brittle, mango, and a mélange of tropical notes. A rich, semi-viscous mid-palate that expands with notes of dark chocolate, treacle, and decadent fig preserves, in full agreement with the nose. A classy Whiskey that is showing better than ever.

Bushmills “Irish Honey” Flavored Irish Whiskey (Ireland); 35% abv (Ireland)

Brilliant golden color with perfect clarity. The nose is a true force of nature ideally marrying scents of ripe orchard fruits, sweet grain, coconut, candied orange peel, roasted cashews, and pure wild flower honey. The palate echoes the nose delivering waves of classic Irish Whiskey infused with honey, citrus, and toasted nuts. Perfectly balanced offering just enough sweetness to give weight to the rich honey notes while being nearly as dry as a Whiskey. This great flavored spirit has whiskey at its heart. The best of the honeyed spirits we have sampled.

Bushmills “Original” Irish Whiskey (Ireland); 40% abv (Ireland)

A very fragrant Whiskey with scents of fresh grass and spring flowers with touches of candied almonds, mango, and a faint coconut impression. The palate delivers on the promise of the nose being youthful while lush and generous with flavors of baked orchard fruits that become quite dry and a bit green on the finish. A very good value.

Bushmills “Single Malt” 10 yr old Irish Whiskey (Ireland); 40% abv (Ireland)

Pale copper color. The nose showcases mineral, orange marmalade, and almonds with hints of smoke. Altogether lean. The palate is far more generous, offering flavors of biscuit, caramel, toffee, dried fruits, and marzipan. Dry and a bit austere with greatly defined note of grain and a clever, subtle use of wood. An aperitif Whiskey.

Bushmills “Single Malt” 16 yr old Irish Whiskey (Ireland); 40% abv (Ireland)

Deep copper to amber color. The nose is generous and quite herbal with lush with honey and caramel. Scents of eucalyptus, mint, and pine needles, mingle with sweet malt, caramel, candied cashews, and dark chocolate. The palate echoes the nose being lush while lively with accents of dry citrus zest and earth oak tones. Ideally balanced and full of intrigue.

Bushmills “Single Malt” 21 yr old Irish Whiskey (Ireland); 40% abv (Ireland)

Bright dark amber color. The nose reveals a clever marriage of dark, dried fruits, like red and black currants, and apricot, with toffee, vanilla, cocoa nibs, and roasted nuts. The palate echoes the nose being harmonious, rich, and ideally balanced, with alternating waves of malt, toasted grains, nuts, and more dried fruits with accents of candied ginger. A lovely and contemplative Whiskey.

Clontarf “Classic Blend” Irish Whiskey (Ireland); 40% abv (Ireland)

Copper color. A delicate but expressive nose with notes of caramel cream with sweet grain. A soft palate entry baked with firm toasted grain and oak notes complimented by hints of honey and vanilla. A wonderfully harmonious session dram.

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