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Sky River Raspberry Honeywine Washington NV (USA)

Brilliant, berry red color. The nose is amazingly fresh and fruity with scents of raspberry leaping from the glass. The palate mirrors the nose being lush and rich with the flavors of fresh crushed berries. The mead notes are primarily squashed here but the fruit flavors are wonderfully charming and balanced.

Sky River Semi-Sweet Mead Washington NV (USA)

Pale straw color. The nose is fresh and exotic and oddly reminiscent of Riesling with its notes of spring flowers, mineral, and stone fruits. The palate echoes the nose giving full dimension to the aromatics. Semi-lush while being surprisingly sprite and dry with great balancing acidity and style. It finishes clean with a touch of spice.

Sky River Sweet Mead Washington NV (USA)

Pale straw color. The nose is bright and expressive with floral notes akin to German Eiswein (ice wine). The palate is lush and generous while amazingly sprite and fresh with accents of ginger, ruby red grapefruit, and a touch of clove. This is a very well made and interesting beverage as is the entire line of mead from Sky River.

Skylite Cellars Rosé Yakima Valley 2008 (USA)

Bright, pale ruby red color. The nose is fresh with the scents of ripe cherry and raspberry with sweet spring flowers and hints of lavender. The palate is lush and sweet with gobs of ripe red berry juice. A real charmer of a wine with wide appeal. We wanted a bit more acidity and a touch less sweetness, but all things considered it’s a very pleasing Rosé.

Smith Woodhouse 10 Year Old Tawny Port, Oporto (Portugal)

Bright tawny to ruby color. The nose is a textbook example of marrying rich fruit with roasted nuts, spice, and wood. The palate is incredibly complex offering a beautiful mélange of ripe and dried fruits accented with toasted almonds and walnuts. Lush while sprite and vibrant with a long lingering finish. Simply beautiful!

Sol Rouge Mourvedre Lake County 2007 (USA)

Deep, bright ruby red color. The nose is filled with complex mélange of fresh crushed berries led by a dense blueberry aromatic supported by raspberry, blackberry, and cherry, with hints of licorice, clove, and black pepper. The palate is just as complex and intriguing delivering a perfect balance of fruit and spice with hints of earth and touches of oak. Ideally balanced with great length and style.

Sol Rouge Rosé Lake County 2008 (USA)

Deep ruby red being darker than most true Pinot Noirs. The nose is generous with fruit offering scents of strawberry, raspberry, and cherry with hints of mineral. The palate echoes the nose delivering more red wine characteristics than one would expect from a Rosé including a dose of tannin on the finish. This is no wimpy Rosé and it just might take its fellow Rosé’s lunch money. Sturdy enough to match well with a rich curry.

Sol Rouge Syrah Lake County 2007 (USA)

Deep ruby red to purple color. The nose is dense with deep black fruit, green herbs, and oak. The palate is equally dense and concentrated led by black fruits with a firm tannic structure and accents of fresh herbs, mineral, and brown spices. A charming Syrah that is much more than a fruit bomb.

Sol Rouge Viognier “Catie’s Corner” Russian River Valley 2007 (USA)

Deep golden color and oddly hazy. The nose is filled with rich, baked orchard and tropical fruits with hints of Madeira. The palate concurs showing oxidized notes and a blast of heat on a lush, round and nearly fat core. It finishes with more maderized notes and hints of roasted nuts.

Sol Rouge “Gypsy Blanc” North Coast 2007 (USA)

Bright golden color. The nose is beautifully fragrant with scents of spring flowers, peach, papaya, apricot, and a mélange of tropical fruits. The palate echoes the nose offering a lovely silky texture with a perfect dose of balancing acidity that allows ideal definition of the multi-layers of ripe fruits. This wine shows tremendous balance, which is something that so many California Rhone White blends sorely lack. Amazingly charming and complex. Bravo!

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